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Become a goal scoring sniper with the Sniper's Edge ! Sweet Hands Hockey Shooting Mat
Sniper's Edge Shooting Tarp
Price for 7' High X 16' Wide: $229.99

The Sniper's Edge Shooting Tarp helps players develop a harder and more accurate shot. Use real pucks with this high quality hockey tarp that can be used inside or out. Fits standard double garage door openings or use inside your garage or basement.

SweetHands is the premier stickhandling training aid designed to help players learn proper stickhandling. Increase speed, timing, eye and stick coordination. Use on and off the ice. This durable, sturdy and easy to use trainer will help you excel in one of the most fundamental skills in hockey. Spikes Included.

Our Sniper's Ice Shooting Pads are the slickest available. For a player, it simulates real on ice puck action. Extremely durable for season after season use. Protect those expensive hockey sticks from pavement, concrete or any rough surface. Works excellent for any hockey player wanting to maximize stickhandling and shooting practice.
The Ultimate Goalie Sweet Hockey Hockey Slick Floor Tiles The PassMaster - the best passing and stick handling trainer on the market.
The Ultimate Goalie
Our Price: $139.99
The PassMaster
Our Price: $119.99

The Ultimate Goalie is the best goalie on the market for the serious hockey player. This shooter tutor does not have exposed bungee cords to break! Patented "Lift Up" design allows easy collection of pucks. Ballistic grade Nylon for long lasting durability. Easily installs on any regulation size net in minutes.

Sweet Hockey Slick Floor Tiles are the slickest and most "ice-like" tiles for shooting, passing and stick handling. Minimizes wear and tear on hockey sticks. Customize your own easy to design hockey training area in the garage, basement or outside. UV Protected- Snap Together- Infinite number of possible configurations.

Improve your passing skills - no more flutter passes. Use with a Shooting Mat, on concrete/asphalt or on the ice. Great for practicing "one-timers". Comes with long lasting Reflex Band and removable spikes for on-ice use. Use all 3 sides to create unlimited drill possibilities.

Sniper's Edge Hockey Deal of the Day
Sniper's Edge Hockey Buy One Get One

If you' re not just playing hockey, but training to be a hockey player, Off-Ice Stick-Handling and Shooting has to become part of your regular, weekly routine. Improve your dangles and hockey shot with Snipers Edge Hockey Products!!

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